Eragon- Is the main character. He is a 15 year old boy who finds a dragon egg in the forest. He is really brave. Eragon is the rider of the dragon Saphira. He is the first Dragon Rider of the new generation.
Brom - The village story-teller who has lots of secrets and knows almost everything about dragon riders, magic and the past of Aglaesia. He travels all across Aglaesia with Eragon on his quest to get revenge over the Raz'zac.
Saphira - The dragon that hatches out of the egg that Eragon finds. She is very loyal to Eragon and an awesome friend, even though shes a dragon. Eragon can communicate with Saphira by talking in his mind.
Garrow - Eragon's uncle who has raised him. Ever since Eragon's mom left him, Garrow has been his care taker. Was killed by the Raz'zac.
Roran- Roran is Eragon's older brother.

Galbatorix- Is the evil leader of the Empire. He is known to be the most powerful Dragon Rider to ever exist.

Raz'zac- Galbatorix's servants, they killed Garrow while trying to find Eragon and/or the egg that he possessed.

Murtagh - Son of evil Rider Morzan and friend to Eragon. He accompanies him to the Varden headquarters.

Arya - She is an elf girl who Eragon rescues from a dungeon. She works with the Varden.

The Varden - A group of rebels against Galbatorix's rule. They have a secret base that nobody knows the location of.

Aijhad - Is the leader of the Varden and he allies with Eragon.
eragon_riding.JPGThis is a picture of Eragon riding Saphira.